Hrm/204 Final Selection Tools

Selection Tools

October 10, 2010

                                    Employee Selection Tools
    A properly designed and well executed employee selection process is important for a company because it makes employees perform better, it decreases employee mischief, and leads to better employee attitude, higher company productivity, and less turnover.   For a company to remain competitive nationally and internationally, they need to have an effective recruitment and selection protocol. For a hiring program at a supermarket I would chose the following three tools,
    Criminal Background Checks: This tool has become a standard according to Bohlander and Snell (2007), in order to help prevent occurrence such as embezzlement, theft, and workplace violence to name a few possibilities. Bohlander & Snell (2007) also touch on the fact that, "...state courts have ruled that companies can be held liable for negligent hiring if they fail to do adequate background checks," (p. 254). If someone has committed a crime in the past such as theft and embezzlement, they have the ability to commit that same crime again, or possible other crimes as well. This would be beneficial to a supermarket to curb theft of merchandise and cash drawer theft. A marked advantage to this tool is that if the report shows a recorded crime previously committed the employer can base a decision not to go forward with hiring the affected candidate.

    Checking references: This allows the employer to make sure the person that is up for hiring consideration has adequate experience to do the job for which they have applied. Checking for reference also provides information on items such as wages, if the applicant was late or missed work a lot, and if they have been honest on their application. Though this tool is helpful, many states have laws to limit what information can be given to those calling for reference checks on previous employees. In some cases previous employers are sometimes...