Hrm 240

Davina Ross
Selection Tools
August 5, 2011
Cheryl DePonte

Making a good selection is paramount in the hiring process. I’s the difference between a good hard working employee and an employee who may not uphold the ideas of the company. A good selection process can reduce the number of applications one may have to choose from. This process is usually done by a human resource department in most companies. The three selection tools that would be considered for a hiring program at a supermarket would be employment history, interviewing process and background check. A supermarket employee must be considerate and helpful to the many people they serve.
Employment history can usually be determined through the application process. It shows the person responsible for hiring, the types of jobs the applicant has held in the past, the length of employment, the reasons why they are no longer employed, and how often the applicant has moved from one job to another. Since there’s usually a high turnover in this industry, most hiring managers would like to reduce the number of employees that leave and may be able to monitor this through the employment history process. It gives one an insight as to the type of job duties the applicant has been responsible for in the past, if they are qualified, and may be able to aid in determining what position within the supermarket they would be best fitted for.
The interviewing process another very important step in the hiring process; it allows the interviewer to become acquainted with the applicant. They can see how the applicant carries themselves, if they are confident, personable, or if they would be a good representation of the company. Does the applicant speaks clearly and is easy to understand. It is the best opportunity to find out first-hand about their job experience and why they think they should be a part of your business. Bohlander & Snell (2007) states the interview remains a mainstay of selection because...