Pro Tools

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Research 3
Elastic Audio 3
Strip Silence 4
Playlists and Comping 5
Beat Detective 6
Scrolling Options 7
System Usage 7
DSP Technology 8
VCA Tracks 8
Automation 9
Surround Sound 10
Recording 11
Editing 13
Mixing 14
Problems encountered 15
Conclusion 16
References 17
Equipment List 17


The assignment that was set was to produce a track, using Digidesign Pro Tools HD and create 2 mixes of the track. The final submission should include one stereo and one 5.1 surround mix.
To successfully complete this project a series of lectures will be taught throughout the module. These lectures will display and introduce the advanced features available within Pro Tools HD.
The HD system will enable users to record, edit and mix to a high quality standard without the limitations that users are forced to work with within Pro Tools LE.
These advanced features aim to effect and increase the workflow within the working environment.
Research will be completed throughout the module into the advanced features of Pro Tools and surround mixing; this will be undertaken separate from lecture time. This is vital to gain a better understanding of surround mixing and ways that it can be approached.
The module is split into two sections. The first section splits into three, this includes: a written report of at least 1000 words, a 45 minute presentation and a DVD with two mixes of the track. One being a stereo mix and the other being a 5.1 surround mix. The second section is a 50-question exam that will test knowledge of the Pro Tools HD software.
This report will research and discuss the various stages involved to creating the final track.

There are many advanced features that enhance workflow within the Pro Tools HD software. It was necessary that research were to be undertaken in order to explore the different features of the advanced software package.   Knowledge could be gained by watching videos...