Selection Process

In the selection process to hire a customer service assistant, three vendors were chosen to provide insight on the selection process.   The selection criteria consist of five elements as follows:   Qualifications, Development and Coaching, Succession Planning, Hiring and Retention and Technical Performance of each individual vendor.   Each vendor was evaluated on the assessment tools and competencies that the organization could integrate into their hiring process.   Each vendor was to demonstrate established knowledge of the application process by identifying effective personnel selection based on reliability to ensure consistent standards and validity to measures how the effectiveness of an assessment the competencies it is intended to measure. (Hernandez, S.R. Strategic Human Resources Management in Health Services Organization, Cengage Learning, 2011).
To guide my decision, business principles of performance, workforce improvement, culture fit and a clearly defined communication of expectations relevant to the position was considered to evaluate all vendors.   The vendors that successfully possessed the strategies, skills and strong combination of strength as a result to recruit staff and hire the best fit for the job was vendor number two, HR Solutions.    
HR Solutions exhibited the policies and procedures needed to retain the most talented candidates that fit the culture of the organization.   The systemized process of assessment tools of succession planning helped the organization recognize exceptional candidates well as offer educational tools to further develop the candidates for higher level opportunities and extensive scope of responsibilities in the future.  

Their employee retention strategy provided tools to help the organization retain the best staff as well as provide a loyalty approach to retain employees and reduce high turnover though effective communication to foster trust.   To reduce employee turnover is to ensure a positive and happy...