Finance Graduates Selection

Finance Limited: Graduate Placement Programme (GPP) Selection Process

A Competency Profile describes the competencies required to perform effectively in a particular role. These competencies can be used to select new staff, develop staff and evaluate the performance of staff in this role.   Behavioural Indicators are, according to McKay, “behaviours that would be observed when someone demonstrates competence”; and a Competency is “a set of behaviours, which demonstrates that a person has the abilities, knowledge, skills and personal attributes to do the job competently”.
The Competency Profile of the position of a Junior Financial Analyst is displayed below.
Number | Competency | Behavioural   Indicators |
1 | Teamwork | Collaborates with others to cooperatively achieve objectives |
2 | Client Service | Ability and motivation to analyse, understand   and resolve client issues |
3 | Best Practice | Displays knowledge of best practice in various finance environments |
4 | Presentation | Ability to make a well researched and influential presentation |
The above competencies are included in the profile because they are the most important skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for the successful candidates to perform the job of Junior Financial Analyst efficiently and effectively. The specific aspects of the job description that require the relevant competency are provided in the schedule below.

Number | Justification |
1 | Organisation core competence. Work closely with other professionals and managers |
2 | Promptly resolve client issues. Become familiar with clients business processes and environments |
3 | Advise on best practices in various finance and technological environments |
4 |   Formal presentations to clients |

Traditionally Finance Limited has used only unstructured interviews as the selection method for the GPP. While no selection method is perfect, there is a need to ensure selection methods are as valid and reliable as...