Job Analysis and Selection

April 12, 2010

Job Analysis and Selection Interclean Inc. created a new vision to provide a large variety of full-service cleaning solutions. To achieve this goal, the sales team will have to become accustomed to implementing the new future vision. The following content will provide detailed information on: job analysis, workforce planning system, and workforce planning selection method, the selected employees to represent the new sales team to support the corporation new strategy to succeed. Job Analysis Information Job analysis is a procedure to classify the proficiency and work experiences required in an employee to be accountable for the specific job position. The goal of a job analysis is to pick the perfect candidate for the sales team to support the new vision of the corporation. A job analysis process is the method in the selection process of hiring a new sales team. Analysis of job performance is the first stage toward job analysis information. Job analysis involves the following data collected: job descriptions, skillsets, past training classes, past job experiences, and job description classification will lead into the future success for the sales team (Cascio, 2005). The next step is to create an employee survey (Cascio, 2005). Personal characteristic data collection is also necessary to guarantee that this person is perfectly fit for the job role required by the company (Cascio, 2005). Past job performance is another method to use job analysis information. Observation is another method of job analysis that occurs to observe the process and productivity during a specific period to collect job analysis information. Finally, a creating a questionnaire to gather data for job analysis information called the (PAQ) Position Analysis Questionnaire (Cascio, 2005). The PAQ is a standardized list of work activities that consists of collected data by every employee on the amount of time spent on that work activity in which it relates to job...