Recruitment and Selections Process Qcf 5

Unit 520                                                                                                                                                               Recruitment and selection process within Health and Social Care

Within Newbridges , when there is a position available within the company   there is a recruitment and selection policy and procedure that must be followed .The company operates an Equality and diversity policy and as such aims to give fairness of treatment to job applicants. Particular attention must be paid by all parties involved in the recruitment process to ensure that every stage no applicant is discriminated against in any way.
Equality Act 2010 became law in October 2010. It replaces the previous legislation such as, Race Relations Act 1976, Discrimination Act 1995 and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 to ensure consistency in what you need to do to make your work place a fair environment. It sets a new standard for those who provide public services to treat everyone, with dignity and respect.

All vacant positions are advertised either externally or internally at the discretion of the director of care services. Every post must have a job description and a person specification. All applicants will receive an information pack which will include, company application form and a job description. On which decision of who to interview will be based. Short-list will be undertaken on the requirements of the post and the criteria specified in the person specification. If the applicant has met the criteria then the applicant will be invited to an interview. Depending on the post being appointed the interview will be conducted by the prospective manager alone or a panel. With in Newbridges it has been known that a resident   from the home that the applicant is applying for will also attend the interview and possibly ask question. The panel should where possible, always include the manager to whom the appointed person will report and, in...