Recruitment and Selection Process in Tesco

Recruitment and selection process in Tesco

Introduction 2
1. Define the terms recruitment and selection. How do these processes enable an organization like Tesco to get the right people to fill its posts? 3
2. Describe how job description and person specifications are helpful in the selection process? What other purposes might a job description is used for? 6
4. Analyze Tesco’s methods of attracting and recruiting candidates. Outline what you consider to be the main strengths and weaknesses of one of these methods? 10
Conclusion 13
References 14

Human resource management defined in A handbook of human resource management practice by Michael Armstrong as ‘A strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives.’ with key functions of organizing, resourcing, human resource planning, reward management and employee relations.
In Tesco the biggest private sector employer in UK spread its trading over 13 countries; the number of both non-store and store-based employees are growing all the time. They also have an International Sourcing team of more than 1000 people in 20 countries what’s value according to their web   “Our success depends on people: the people who work with us and the people who shop with us.”- is given as this case study where we should considering about resourcing function of Tesco’s HRM process.
In this case study recruitment and selection of Tesco is been study and thorough out can identify how Tesco be the biggest employer and still manage human resource effectively and efficiently. According to human resource planning the vacancies is being understood. And the recruiting process of choosing the right person for the vacancy by analyzing job description and person specification are being observed. The method they attracting and recruiting...