Recruitment and Selection Hr

!It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the recruitment and selection systems,

as well as reward systems, as the important parts of the human resource management, which could support the organizational strategy. In this paper, it aims to figure out the importance of these two elements and identify the relationship between them.

Recruitment and selection systems are intended to look for the potential talented employees who are suitable to work for the hiring employer (Gilmore and Williams, 2013). As employees are the assert of the company, based on the resource-based view, talented employees as resources are valuable and important for the competitive advantage of an organization (Barney, 1991). Therefore, recruitment and selection systems are crucial in the human resource management (Gilmore and Williams, 2013). The benefit for the employer is that some costs such as training cost, recruitment fee and redundancy packages could be decreased by using the effective recruitment and selection systems (Smith and Graves, 2002 cited in Bach, 2005). For example, if the systems are effective, organizations could employ skilled employees without training, so employer could save the training budge. Rent-A-Car runs a business of car rental in the USA. It aims to employ staffs with right skills through matching jobs with applicants. In the recruitment and selection systems, employer would gave specific test for candidates based on the job requirement so that they could identify who is the best fit employee (The times 100 business cases studies, 2013). For the aspect of employees, candidates can confirm or change their career goals during the recruitment and selection systems by understanding the job requirement and organization culture (Arora and Stoner, 1992). Since recruitment and selection systems are a pre-entry parts of a new job, employees can increase the realistic awareness of their future careers which might be compared with the original expectation. These...