Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
      Management often measures recruitment and selection strategies by using one method, however, management will make his or her decisions between the first procedures and concerns when planning for the recruitment of new employees and select an applicant for an interview. The first step consists of managing applicants and welcoming potential participants (Cascio, 2013). To attract highly experienced employees, Landslide Limousines services must carefully develop an efficient recruitment plan. This paper will consists of the following information in regard to Atwood and Allen Consulting Company’s request on the appropriate recruitment and selection strategies for the Landslide Limousine Services.
Organizational Goals
      The client specified in past communications that the limousine business requires 25 employees, with revenue in the first year of $ 50,000, and an expected yearly revenue growth of 5%.   Expecting annual turnover of 10%, maintaining an expected yearly revenue growth of 5% can become challenging; however selecting the most potential candidates can assist the organization in offering quality services to clients.   It will also add value to the organization in the future.
The effects of organizational diversity on the organization
      In today’s society, with various changes occurring in demographics because of globalization it is important to focus on a more diversity in the workplace. Managing a more diverse workplace may cause challenges; however will benefit the company by offering the opportunity to obtain and influence well experienced potential employees. With the proper recruitment and selection strategies Landslide Limousine Services can compete with other competitors by providing customers with quality service. It is recommended for the company to hire the most competent candidates as well as offer a reward and compensation plan to award the organizations most talented...