How People Recruit and Select Staff

The application form is only half of it!!!
We all know about CVs, application forms and job interviews but what about ….

  * Job sampling e.g. Being assessed whilst you make a telephone call, being asked to write a letter or e-mail to a client, serving a customer, analysing some numbers, solving a problem

  * Having to give a presentation on a topic, using powerpoint

  * An in-tray exercise where you are given loads of urgent things to do and you have to decide which order to do them in

  * A group discussion or role play with other people (yuck!!)

  * An audition or demonstration of a particular skill

  * Sitting a test e.g. ability test or personality test

  * Having first and second interviews

  * Some lucky people are headhunted and just have a chat to arrange how fat their pay packet will be!!

How do you recruit and select staff?
Recruitment and Selection Survey by
St Joseph’s Catholic School

We are carrying out a survey of local businesses and how they select and recruit staff. Thank you for sparing the time to help with this

Name of student ___________________   Date __________

Name of employer ________________ Organisation   ________________

    1. Do you advertise all job vacancies? If not how do you attract people? Where do you advertise jobs? |
    2. What written applications do you expect? (e.g. CVs, application forms, e-mailed details, letters of application) |
    3. What techniques do you use to select from the good written applicants? (e.g. applicants giving a presentation, sitting a test, using references, looking at CVs and application forms, interviews and what form these take, in-tray exercises, being observed doing a job)For each technique that you sometimes use, why do you find this a good method? |
    4. Describe your interviews? (e.g. an informal chat with one person, very formal with 5 people etc) |
    5. Is there anything you would like to improve about the way you select and recruit...