Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
Daniel J Silva
June 23, 2015
David Stocker

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
As we head toward the expansion of Clapton Commercial Construction and the future site of business in Arizona. We are glad you chose Atwood and Allen Consultants, during this business plan. As your consultant we have generated sanctions for employment and selection.   Your company expects and plans to increase its size of business by 20% once ground work is established in Arizona. We expect this phase of development to cover our path to recruit, screen and develop individuals from our proposal for the development plan. We expect from our forecast demographic changes between Arizona, and Michigan, to cover the logistical changes as well as the significance of diversity and legal standpoints of recruiting, selecting and screening applicants in Arizona. This notice should cover and prepare the establishment for the industry in Arizona.
Recommended Demographic Changes
Considering the activities of the Arizona border patrol, the Arizona construction employment pool is has its challenges. In order to be held harmless from aiding or abetting in the issues surrounding the boarder. Strick adherence to the local laws will help in the acquirement of employees that fall into this delicate web. The local population is acclimated for expansion, and employment in this area. And a large forecast of demographic changes to be considered is the longevity of personal and how long we can keep employees. We established that benefits are a good way this businesses to have a competitive advantage when recruiting employees. With the initiation of indirect compensation (a good tool to use to attain or retain employees). Consider these tools as good practice, the implementation of a health and wellness program to prepare for acclimation of potential employees, or possible day care for children.   In any case, as the company...