Recruiting and Selecting Module - Elearning

The Recruitment of an Additional Civilian Armourer.

I have drafted this report to show that the current manning levels within the central armoury located at Tidchester Garrison are below standard. It has become apparent that due to the shortfall in civilian staff we have become ineffective in this area and it is a cause for concern. The Garrison armoury staffing levels are supposed to be representative of the work load placed upon it by the roulement battalions, currently the staffing levels required are set at one SSgt REME, one Sgt REME and four civilian armourers. It seems that due to the low demand placed upon the armoury in past years we have allowed a shortfall of one civilian armourer to exist.

Recently the SSgt REME armourer has expressed concern about the current manning levels and has explained that key members of his civilian team are contemplating seeking alternative means of employment as they are unable to continue working this way. Due to the changing operational environment we now find ourselves in the recent workload being placed upon the armourers shop has increased massively. Within the past couple of years we have seen the introduction of improved weapon systems with the HK modifications to the SA80 resulting in the L85A2. This was a laborious and time consuming programme, which the armourers shop was heavily involved in. This modification allowed a huge increase in the combat effectiveness of the units. In more recent months we have also seen the introduction of the Light Machine Gun (LMG) and once again the armourers’ shop has been heavily involved in the smooth transition of replacing the Light Support Weapon (LSW) with this new weapon system.

We have also recently seen development within the capabilities of the weapon system with the introduction of both the Laser Light Module (LLM) and also the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) both of which vastly improve the capabilities of the troops on the ground and have proved to be valuable...