Performance and Career Management

At InterClean we conduct quarterly employee performance appraisals.   Our appraisal approach takes into account both behavior-oriented rating methods and results-orientated rating methods.   When conducting the performance appraisals we make sure we discuss the previous quarter’s goals the employee had set with the employee who is getting evaluated.   On the appraisal form there is a section for management comments and suggestions and also a field for the employee to make comments. After the performance appraisal is completed and subsequently feedback is given to the employee, the employee has one week to discuss with management a game plan moving forward to improve in the next quarter and how to reach their targets and goals.
My goal as manager is to facilitate higher performance and in doing so I will work to remove as many roadblocks for my employees as possible.   For example, my chemical engineer Pam needs the latest lab equipment and needs to have fresh chemicals delivered on a weekly basis to her lab.   I know in the past our corporate procurement department has been slow in processing requests.   I have spoken to our VP of Finance and also our head of HR to allow Pam to be issued a corporate American Express card.   She now no longer needs to rely on the slow procurement department to source the supplies she needs.   She is able to order them herself whenever she needs them.   Another example of helping employees reach a higher level of performance was when we allowed the sales team to hand pick the new recruits for the sales team.   By carefully selecting top notch sales people we were able to help the rest of the sales team reach an overall higher level of performance.
In this environment we know all too well that every employee is looking to achieve career success and professional advancement at every opportunity they get.   We all have different career clocks and they are always ticking.   At InterClean, we are dedicated to constantly mentoring our employees and...