Career Management Plan

career management plan
Besima Medic
JANUARY 18, 2010
to: angela nixon
from: Besima Medic
subject: career management plan
date: January 18, 2010
career management plan
“Having a career management plan is exactly like having your map so you can move from what you are doing today to what you want to be doing tomorrow. Your career management plan should also take into account your career interests and needs, your knowledge, skills and your work-life-balance needs”. (Career Change Mentor). A careen management plan is a plan that can help management guide employees in a positive direction
“Giving employees honest and timely feedback is very essential and important to develop healthy relationship with employees and to build successful organization”. (Truth or Consequences: How to Give Employee Feedback). Feedback is a sensitive issue that needs to be proposed carefully based on each employee’s character and personality. Each employee will be evaluated on two different occasions. First assessment will be done after the training period and second on a yearly basis. Feedback will be provided to employees based on one on one basis with the management team that will discuss every aspect of evaluation and what areas need improvement and what areas employee excels in. During evaluation each employee will be given an opportunity to express what their goals are for the future and after that management will decide on individual basis who deserves promotion and who really wants it and is willing to work hard for it.
Management will try to do their best to help each and every employee reach their goals at InterClean. Every employee will have a clear picture of what is expected from them and management will have a firm set of guidelines and rules that everyone needs to follow. It will be management responsibility to push their employees, define, and prioritize responsibilities as they...