Career Management

Elite Group

Workforce Diversity Training Program

Stacy M. Lee

Career Management/ On-Site Workforce Diversity Training

Executive Summary:
The proposed plan below can be a great opportunity for Elite Group to reap the benefits of adding an onsite workforce diversity training program to its career management program.   Having a clear understanding of career management will enable Elite Group employees to feel engaged and motivated to contribute to the company.   The company will receive the following benefits from its employees according to (, 2012).   1) Awareness of one’s own transferable skills and qualities.   2) Awareness on how to learn from experience and develop their strength and 3) Awareness of their values and motivations Incorporating an onsite diversity training program Elite Group will receive these benefits for its company: 1) Increased adaptability, 2) Increase the company range, 3) Diversity in viewpoint, 4) Efficient execution of plans, 5) Satisfied customers and 6) Overall organizational growth.
Based on the success of Elite Group’s excellent career management program; an onsite diversity training program would only enhance the company morale and productivity.   The following is recommendations to establish and promote an onsite diversity training program according to (, 2013). 1) Identify the varied populations of employees in your workplace. 2) Examine what each population needs to feel comfortable in the work environment. 3) Create a committee with whom you can discuss these matters and who can help brainstorm strategies for promoting diversity in the workplace.

4). Establish a clear equal-opportunities policy, making sure it falls within the guidelines of Equal Employment Opportunities laws set out by the EEOC. 5) Become an Equal Opportunity Employer and advertise as such when recruiting job...