Interclean Career Management Report

The merger between InterClean Inc and Envirotech created an opportunity for a new strategic plan to be developed.   Our new business strategy is now in-line with the strategic plan at InterClean.   We now sell products and services to our customers and have expanded our sales in domestic and international markets. One of the new goals for the company is to ensure that the Sales Department fits the requirements of the new focus of the company.   A job analysis was conducted, a Training and Mentoring Plan was developed and delivered to the seven member sales team.   Our next step is to develop a Career Management Plan to provide support for the team’s performance and growth within the organization.   This report explains employee feedback, encourages higher levels of performance, available opportunities to employees and dual parents, diversity adaptation and the justification of this report.

Career Management Plan
This purpose of this plan is to evaluate the performances of our employees as well as to create a career development plan.   The career management plan will provide team members with an opportunity to focus on their career goals, assessing where they want to be, where they are now and how to get to their desired position.   We will use the skills that were determined in the individual career assessments to forge a career development plan for team members.   This is seen as very important because if the career expectations of individuals will not be met within the company, it is expected that team members will leave the company since they will be unable to meet their career goals.   On the other hand, (Cascio, 2006 Chap 10) also states that “ companies that recognize   the need to provide employees with satisfying opportunities will have the decided advantage   of a loyal and industrious workforce.”   The plan will also evaluate employee performance with an aim to ensure that   productivity goals are in line with the objectives of the company business...