Narrative Essay

Vincci Chan
Felicia A. Mazzi
Narrative Essay Assignment
      I have a really deep memory about my first surgical stitch. I always played with my elder brother when we were kids and I got my first surgical stitch because I was naughty during one time I played unduly with him.
      When I was 7, my brother and I played at home everyday. We ran and climbed at home and my parents always told me don’t be unduly when we were playing. One time, I climbed up between the walls, and my elder brother climbed cross on the floor under me. I wanted to scare him, so I released my hands and fell onto him. I fell and sat onto him, but my chin hit the ground. He didn’t get hurt but I did. I bruised my chin.
      My parents heard a big sound of the hit and they found out I climbed and fell onto my brother. They knew my brother climbed cross under me. They thought I fell because I scared when he was crossing. My chin was bleeding and they brought me to the hospital. I waited at the hospital and cried. I really scared they will know I fell because I was meticulous to do it and I felt painful of the chin.
      After a long time waiting, the doctor told us I needed to have a surgery because my chin broke. This is how my first surgical stitch got. After the surgery we got home and my parents placated me. They punished my elder brother and I didn’t tell them it was not his fault. My brother blamed himself for a long time.
      Now, we grow up and they still remember this accident of my chin. And I told them the truth after years. My brother said he really think I fell because of him and he blamed himself. We just laughed when they knew the truth. My family really loves me. I never hurt myself unduly after the accident. My family let me know what is love and they didn’t blame me or punish me. And I knew my brother really loves me. I got my surgical but I still have my family.