Charles Sykes Narrative Essay

ENG 101
Alex Johns
That's Just Life

It was approximately 2:00 PM when I began my daily walk from York Tech's A building to York Tech's overflow parking lot in search of my Silver KIA. Despite my reoccurring inability to find my car in a reasonable amount of time, today was different. I could spot the streaks of white paint from another vehicles door dented into mine from a mile away. As I drew closer to my car, it became prevalent that whoever decided to chuck their door into mine, was simply unidentified, no where to be found and free of consequence. How unfair... Wicked people prosper, innocent suffer And according to Charles Sykes, that's just life.
It was June 22nd, 2013. My best friend and I both worked at an Italian restaurant by the name of Sayago's in Baxter Village, Fort Mill South Carolina. My house was within a reasonable distance from the restaurant, so my parents always allowed Henry and I to walk home after closing. Just like every other night we locked the doors at 10:00, finished cleaning around 10:30, had the drawers counted down, and were on our way around 11:00. After stepping off of Market street and onto Sutton road, we proceeded to walk on the left hand side of the street towards my Neighborhood, which was no more then a quarter of a mile away. About half way there, we started hearing voices. We attempted to think nothing of it and continue towards my house, but moments latter a group of 7 guys emerged from the woods and began to follow us. Sure enough, the faster we walked, the faster they followed. Eventually they caught up, and the second Henry turned around, to confront whoever it was stalking us, he was immediately punched in the face and struck to the ground. I managed to maneuver away for just enough time to gather my thoughts, defend myself from a few punches, and bring myself within reach of the initial offender currently stomping on the face of my best friend. After I intentionally broke the boy's nose in defense...