An Pho
English 072
October 20, 2010
Narrative essay
One day when I came home from school with tiredness, I was lying on my bed without thinking anything. Suddenly, the horrible memory just came up in my mind suddenly. I always feel fear and regret when I think about my worst nightmare. Five years ago my cousin was eighteen and I was fifteen. We celebrated a party for his graduation in high school. He was so excited when I got a diploma so he bought some beer and we bring them to party. Because of alcohol, we had dreadful accident which I could not believe it happened in my life.
My cousin became adult when he got diploma from high school. Therefore, our families let us celebrate party by ourselves. The party was celebrated at his friend’s house because his house is big enough for my cousin’s classmates from freshman year to senior year. After my cousin came back from his graduation, he gave me a ride by his motorbike. When we came to his friend’s house, we were so surprise because the party was gorgeous and they were waiting for us. At the beginning of party, his classmates gave him praises with gifts, and some people gave him huge to express friendship. After that, we started the party in crazy way. His friend turned on music and then we started dancing like crazy. The music was too loud; I think he turn up volume at maximum. I did not feel comfortable because it gave me headache but other people seemed very joyful with that. With loud music, we started drinking beer to cheer up. We drank and danced without thinking anything. We forgot that we drank too much until we became drunk. My face turned really red and hot. Also, I could feel beer was running through my throat and burning it. So, I decided to stop drinking beer and get some juice. However, my cousin and his classmates was still drinking and dancing like crazy. The party continued until midnight. I and my cousin left the part first because he could not drink anymore and we were all tired.
After we...