Narrative Essay

Week 4 – Narrative Essay –
Prompt #1 – Page 146

The purchase of a vehicle for transportation is never thought to be an injustice to the buyer. Buying a vehicle for the first time, I walked down the lot inspecting car after car. Having my husband, Walter there made me tend to get more excited with butterflies in my stomach.   Understanding that buying a car is a legal binding contract until the unit is paid in full. However this was not an ordinary day, nor an ordinary car lot. Given little knowledge about cars I made my first step towards a sports car.
As we were walking along looking at each vehicle we would peak in the windows, look through the engines, and ask questions regarding each car we came to. I had always wanted a sports car, but not just any sports car- an Eclipse. Finally, rounding a corner there it was clean and shining. The Eclipse was blue green with tented windows, rims that would reflect your image, and an interior that was to die for.   However, the one thing that was wrong with it was the fact it happened to be a five speed or manual. I had never driven a car like this but my husband said, “Most came like that”.
Being my first car that I was to purchase I freaked out telling Walter that I would learn no matter what it took. Understanding this I was pushing to get this vehicle that day! Never had I imagined all that would unfold just because of my dream car. After going in and discussing the sale we went to check things on the vehicle to make sure there was not any significant damage. We did this because it was a used car and did not want to get a lemon. After getting the car home it worked well for a couple weeks but then the air conditioner went out. The gentleman that had sold us the car said, “It is not our responsibility but yours because you drove it off the lot”.
After hearing this we decided to get another vehicle. We had only two payments left on the car when we finally found a sports utility vehicle that was within our price...