Narrative Essay

Unit 1 IP/Narrative Essay
A Memorable Trip

Traveling to Tokyo is unforgettable because it is an exciting, interesting, and beautiful place to visit.
The first reason my trip to Tokyo was so exciting was because after many months I would finally get a chance to visit my husband who was a soldier in the United States Army. I have always dreamed of traveling to a faraway land, so I welcomed the chance to go. I told any and every one all about my plans. One of my friends who was also married to a soldier, always talked about how she liked it when they were there, so I was filled with anticipation. Although I was nervous about flying, I put on my brave boots and prepared for the 15 hour non-stop flight from Chicago. I actually enjoyed the flight, sleeping, eating and watching movies, and before I knew it I was there. Words do not explain how happy I was to run to meet my husband!  
The second reason my trip to Tokyo was so interesting was because I got a firsthand look at a totally different culture. It was a really weird feeling losing a day thru traveling. This was my first time going thru customs, they asked me so many questions about who, what and why I was there, I kind of felt like a spy. Then they gave me only 10 days to stay there. Once I made it to the outside I was greeted by a horrible stench of dung! I learned that they use this as fertilizer for the flowers and in the rice patties. They really do have the most beautiful flowers around the city, so I guess the dung stuff really does work. The taxi ride to the hotel was like being in a one car roller coaster, they all drive little Hyundai’s really fast. I asked my husband where the stop signs were and he told me that they didn’t have any, they just drive.   We spent a couple of nights in Tokyo before we took a short flight on to South Korea to a little village called Wijambu.
The third reason is because I learned so much about how different they are but yet, live the same lives as we...