Narrative Essay

“3…2…1… GO!”   Suddenly my body is soaring through the air and all I can see is flashes of green then brown then green again.   As I move my legs instinctively, I look down and realize that I am about one hundred and fifty feet above the solid safe soil of Earth below myself.   This is a small chapter in a much grander novel that is my life.
Like many people today, my parents got a divorce when I was of a young age.   My mother met her new husband when I was in third grade.   The two of them decided to get married in the summer of 2005 which was the year that I finished fourth grade.   Todd, my mother’s new fiancé, wanted a small wedding with only select family members and the closest of friends in a traditional white church, similar to those you find in movies.   Mom preferred a much more epic scale of a marriage setting of an exotic beach with all the love ones, every friend, and everyone she had had any form of conversation with, such as Susan or any other random people she converses with when waiting in line at Walmart.   Just as their future marriage, they soon realized that compromises were needed to make the wedding ceremony successful.
My mother and I lived in Alabama for most of our lives, therefore most of our family and friends are from Alabama as well.   It made perfect sense to have the wedding in Mobile, Alabama where mom’s best friend lives, which is about five hours away from our home.   The whole family had merged with mine so much that if one would all of us out in public, they would be led to believe that the family had come together for a reunion.   Before the big day, we stayed with them in their house that they generously offered for a few nights.   Everything was set and perfectly planned with both parties very much happy.   For Todd, only a few sets of friends and of course family was invited to where there was less than 20 people at the ceremony.   For my mother, the setting was planned to be excellent from the beautiful gulf shore beach to the...