Knowledge of the Job

In contemporary society, such a heated dilemma gradually poses in front of us concerning whether the ability of adapting oneself to the new environment is more important than the excellent knowledge of this job in order to succeed in doing a new job. As for this, an increasing number of people give the priority to the viewpoint that being fit into the new environment is necessary to be successful. Nevertheless, if we take a deeper consideration, it is not difficult to make the judgement that the immense knowledge will enable people to make achievement. I am a firm adherent of the second view. Why I incline toward this opinion consists of three conspicuous reasons listed as follows.

First and foremost, professional knowledge about a specific job gives people a big chance getting promoted. As for the reason, they can operate the machine and equipment easily, therefore completing the task with the slightest effort. Then their competitiveness is boosting undoubtedly, and in this case win the favor of the boss and get the opportunity of promotion. My cousin David is a good example, he is working for a multinational enterprises which receive orders from around the world. Working there requires the skill of 3-d modeling and he had read a lot of relevant books and done many practical things before he went into the company. Recently, he became the supervisor of the technical stuff, inspiring envy. In brief,   to understand the knowledge of the job is crucial for getting a promotion.

Last but not least, a man of profound and immense learning will be more likely to establish interpersonal networks. To be specifically, when the coworkers has work-related problems, they can give them some advice as they are much more experienced. In other hand, when they meet difficulties, the co-workers will be also willing to give a hand. Gradually, helping each other, the harmonious association is established and therefore making friends without difficulty. In this case, it also means they...