Foot in the Door

Foot in the Door
Introduction - PowerPoint

Starr and Impeccable Training Centre is a company providing training for people in many occupational areas. We offer short course training and NVQ’s. We work with companies, schools, local business, local councils and the government to provide job-based learning.   We are here today to give you an insight into the importance of good customer service and hard work in today’s employment environment and also help you with any future job search.

Describe the process

Icebreaker – introduce who you are, what school you’re from, tell me your dream job and dream     salary and how you will get there...

Opening Discussion Point in small groups
So we can have a better understanding of how to direct the training, what sort of jobs have you got or been looking for?
What is your definition of Customer Service?
How would having a job benefit you?
Benefits of Working
  * “Foot in the Door” to the working environment
  * Gaining skills that last ie: Shelf Stacker: customer service, team building, stock control, time management, ICT. This could then lead to a higher position as a Cashier which would require training.
  * Building confidence – self-esteem, learning your independence and gaining responsibility.
  * People skills – learning to get on with people from other backgrounds etc.
  * Growth within a company: start off stacking shelves and end up as a manager – Richard Branson!
  * Further training- now more popular within larger corporations eg. Customer Service, Health & Safety, Manual Handling etc.
  * Money – bank account/ savings account/ improved credit: Understanding the value of money

Customer Service

We need to begin by identifying who the customers are.

Direct Customers (people you know)
  * Your employer
  * The customer
  * The customer’s employees/ colleagues
  * Your work colleagues

Indirect Customers (people you don’t know)
  * Visitors
  * Sub contractors