Career Development Plan Part 1

InterClean – EnviroTech Career Development Plan: Part 1
Due to the recent merger between InterClean and EnviroTech, a new career development plan must be established and implemented.   The merger between these two businesses will result in several new changes.   One change in particular will be the transition from a sales based only cleaning supply business, to a full service cleaning solutions business operation.   To implement this new company strategy, a four part development plan will be created.   Part one will consist of a job analysis, workforce planning system and a selection process for a new sales team.   A job analysis will be conducted to establish the job duties and skill set requirements for the new sales team.   The workforce planning system will determine the size of the sales force needed to meet current and future sales needs.   After conducting a job analysis and implementing a workforce planning system, a selection process will be established based on the data that was collected.   Poor job analysis, inadequate personality skill profile, poor interviewing techniques and mediocre questioning can lead to bad recruitment.   (Ongori & Temtine, 2009)   The goal of this plan is to make certain the company has the necessary skill set to make the appropriate decisions that will lead the company in its new quest and experience success.
Job Analysis:
A job analysis provides management with pertinent information regarding a particular job.   The analysis determines what the job functions will be for the position, as well as determine what skills sets are needed to perform the job.
A job analysis was conducted using observation and interviews.   Using the information that was collected the following information was established:
Job Title: Sales Representative
Department: Sales
Reports to: Sales Manager
Compensation: Straight Commission (With possible eligibility for the Sales Bonus Program)

Job Description:
Responsible for customer lead generation,...
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