Hrm Basics

Co are discovering that being socially responsible both domestically and abroad helps the bottom line and prospective workers are saying corporate responsibility is now more important to their job selection. One of HR’s leadership roles is to spearhead the development and implementation of corporate citizenship throughout their organizations. Corporate social responsibility (good citizenship) is the responsibility of the firm to act in the best interests of the people and communities affected by its activities.

In Global market: they have to balance a complicated set of issues related to different geographies, including different cultures, employment laws, and business practices. The better is to be informed about global job opportunities and are willing to pursue them. Measuring the knowledge and skill base of international workers and figuring out how best to hir and train them, dealing with the materials that must be translated into a number of different languages, relocating managers and other workers to direct the efforts of an international workforce, implementing training programs and enhancing their firms’ managers understanding of other cultures and practices, pay differentials that must be adjusted.

HR Information System:
    ▪ A way for loweing administrative costs, increasing productivity, speeding up response times, and improving DM and service to managers and employees.
    ▪ Automating payroll processing, maintaining employee records, and administering benefits programs.
    ▪ Allow managers to access and change their own benefits and other personal info.
    ▪ Enable line managers and employees to enter, retrieve, and edit data in order to make better decisions faster.
    ▪ To recruit, screen, and pretest applicants online before hiring them as well as to train, track, and promote employees once they are hired.
    ▪ On hiring-by tracking applicants info, scanning resumes, and making the info immediately...