Inportance of Education

Why is a degree so important to an employer? An education means more today then it used to mean years ago. One used to be able to get a position based on their knowledge of the job and the duties associated with the job. Now it seems employers are interested in the fact that someone has a degree. Is it important to an employer where one gets a degree?   Are there any qualifications an employer looks for when hiring for a position, or is everything based on having a degree? What is more important to an employer, experience or education?   These questions are just a few that come to mind when thinking about employment and education. While hiring a person with a degree may be important to an employer, experience and job knowledge should be just as important for the job qualifications.
      What are employers looking for when hiring a college graduate? “Employers often see college graduates as more motivated, able to learn tasks quicker, better at meeting deadlines, better at communicating and problem-solving.”(2002) “Employers also consider if the person does not have a college degree is the person able to have a serious attitude towards the job, know how to learn, and achieve goals?” (2002) “Employers want to hire someone who is honest, possesses teamwork skills, and has a strong work ethic.”(2002) “Employers also consider the importance of communication skills, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm, creativity and adaptability when looking for their prime candidate.”(2007)  
    In a survey conducted on What Top Entry-Level Employers Want Most, “statistics show the student’s major is the number one thing employer’s rank as most important. The survey results show 42% of the employers surveyed for 2007 consider the student’s major to be most important for college graduates. The importance of a student’s major has increased 10% since the survey in 2006.” (2007) A student’s major plays a role in the type of skills they receive when using their degree to get a position...