Kids Wear

Spaghetti tops, Capri pants Italian cuts, party wear dresses all this shows that the kids wear is the diminutive version of the adult wear. Many manufacturers come up with their own brands while some enter the business through joint ventures. Department stores have contributed towards segregating and building niche categories like infant wear, kids formal wear, kids ethnic wear, swim wear, casual wear, pre teen wear by stocking a wider range of merchandise and differentiating between them at the retail store level. like in every other retail segment in the country, the   market is dominated by the unorganised sector. Branded kids apparel market is in its nascent stage in India with a handful of national and international,

Market size and growth:
30% of the total of the India’s population consist of the kids. Kids wear is the category ranging from age group 1-14. Market for kids apparel is the fastest growing industry at a growth rate of 10-20% and is expected to show a strong growth in future reaching up to US$131.5 bal by 2012.
In terms of value the kids wear market is of about 20,000 cry out of which 3500 cry is the branded kids war market. Manufacturers are coming up with fancy materials targeting kids who are more interested in the upcoming fashion trends.
Branded kids wear are well established in I tier cities and are now experiencing a good growth in II and III tier cities as well. Industry players further predict that market is set to grow by 12%annually.
At time when every other international brand is eyeing a share of the big pie in the fast growing Indian kids wear market , home grown brands like gin n jony,liliput, cat moss. Lil tomatoes and ruff kids areal set to take the international market by storm.

Market segmentation:
The share of kids wear segment in the apparel market is 14.1%in value terms and 24.5% in volume. The growth in value is seen in all ranges in the kids wear with37% in super premium range 35%in premium,22%...