School Uniform

Dear Board of Education,
                        I have been living in the school district for five years and I heard of public schools making
their students wear uniforms. I say that students shouldn’t wear uniforms. I say that students shouldn’t
make their students wear uniforms because there hasn’t been any reports of gang violence when not
wearing a school uniform. Students wouldn’t be able to express themselves. Schools and parents alike
can spend a lot of money on buying school uniforms. It has been argued that wearing school uniform,s
show school spirit. However, kids will not like the idea of public schools making their students wear
                    First off, it is thought that when children don’t have uniforms, they can pushed around easily
by what they wear, but there has been no reports of violence without uniforms. Schools think that
uniforms can control the violence by wearing uniforms but, it doesn’t solve anything. In the year 1993 to
1994, their has been six assaults with deadly weapons, 1,135 incidents of fights, and 29 robberies.
(These results were taken by the Long Beach Unified School District.) From these results you can see
that uniforms can’t solve anything.
                      Next, no one gets to express themselves in their own way. Kids could lose their personality
time by time, knowing the fact that the colors are boring. Again, as being bullied,   you could be made
fun of. The fact that the uniform could look horrible and boring looking, it will make the other schools
think of you as foolish. You will have to see it every day for the whole year and some are hard to
maintain.   Some people think that uniforms could   lower drug abuse and probably vandalism. Their have
been 1049 incidents of vandalism.
                          Lastly, you would have to spend a lot of money on uniforms. A pair of good pants would
probably cost 40 dollars while the shirt...