Devil Wears Prada

Answers to OB questions:
Q1. H. Fayol defined five major activities of the manager. List these activities and describe Miranda’s performance of the activities.
Answer: The five major activities Fayol stated are: Planning; Organizing; Coordinating; Commanding; Controlling. Based on the movie I can say that Miranda has the excessive use of Planning and Commanding. It is seen from the scenes at the beginning of the movie when immediately after arrival she starts to announce the plan for the day to her assistants such as: “….I want the driver to drop me off at 9:30 and pick me up at 9:45 sharp…” and immediately ordering doing something such as “… I want to have a stake on my table in 15 mins…” and so on. She is very accurate about controlling. Phone calls to assistants throughout the movie and the way she led the meeting of the senior management “…did anybody speak with Salma’s people yet?” prove this. Unlike well employed Planning, Controlling and Commanding, I tend to say that Miranda has relatively lower level of organizing and coordinating. Low level of organizing is explained with the presence of assistants, who are intended to comply with this feature that is organizing meetings, making calls, doing all the paper work and etc. The evidence for low level of coordination is seen in the part when Miranda comes to a preview of James Holt – designer when James was leading the preview. She was simply sitting and responding, she did not coordinate the preview.   One more evidence can be seen during the senior staff meeting on the 57th min. that seems more like control rather than coordination.
Q2. Identify leadership style of Miranda. Support your answer with example from the movie.
Answer: there are three main styles of leadership that are generally accepted: autocratic, democratic and let it be (laizes faire). Out of them I tend to consider Miranda as autocratic style holder. Firstly, because she makes decisions solely. Evidence 1. She refused the autumn jackets...