Hr Practise in Square Textiles Ltd

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Square Textile Ltd. started its operation in 1997. It was enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange & Chittagong Stock Exchange in 2002. The business lines of Square Textile Ltd. are manufacturing and marketing of yarn. Its factory is located in Gazipur , Dhaka.
The manufactures 100% Cotton Ring Span Yarn or Hosiery, 100% Cotton OE Rotor For Hosiery and Knit Fabrics for 100% export oriented readymade Garments Industry.
The strategic Goals and Objectives of the Company are to strive hard to optimize profit though conduction and transparent business operations and to create more competitive in the internal and external market.
In home, customers of Square Textile Limited are export oriented readymade Garments Industry. The Company also exports its products to the market of Europe & USA.
The export sells increased by 19% in 2003 over the previous year.
Competition level is increasing both in local and abroad market. Competition will be stiffer after 2005 when multitier agreement will be placed out. Among the other foreign competitors Srilanka, China, Pakistan and India are prominent.
Square is one of the biggest employees in Bangladesh. It has a personnel and administrative department. The total numbers of employees are 1223. For the employees there are systematic in house training in home and abroad.

The managing director, the CEO is the head of the executive management team. Below in...