"Where Am I Wearing

Sepetember 18, 2011
Where Am I Wearing Essay
China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Honduras-does anyone in America know what goes on in these countries?   When you hear the word “sweatshops” what do most people think of?   At first one’s thought might travel to little kids being forced to do slave labor underground for little to no pay, and yet once you read this book another side of the story comes into play.
A man named Kelsey Timmerman is a very curious human indeed.   One does not usually find a t-shirt on the ground and wonder where it was made and who made it.   If by chance you made that slim margin of percentages, Kelsey would probably be the only one to take it a step further.   All around the world he traveled and searched for the lives of the people who made his clothes.   What he experienced has changed views for so many individuals, because our mind set is so closed off to what’s really going on around the rest of the world.   Enlightened by this book, one cannot just keep their eyes closed anymore.   Taking us readers on a trip, Kelsey introduced himself and then we were onward to Bangladesh.   In Bangladesh kids do not have an education or a childhood.   From the moment they can even barely work, they work.   Making 6-20 dollars a month is not believed to be ethical in the least.   I mean, mowing a yard in America for 30 minutes would get you 20 dollars.   It’s hard to face such a cruel and unjust reality, and not having the power or the ability to do anything.  
We learn about the lives and the kids that work in Bangladesh.   They bust their hump to support their family so they at least have more than a cardboard box to run home to at night; but what about years from now?   It’s very hard to go anywhere without and education, let alone in Bangladesh.   And the book goes on to tell about all these other countries, and how in China you get assassinated just for making a mistake, instead of the sane “your fired” approach.   Being complacent with all of this knowledge is...