Retail Managment River Island


The retailing world is the main conection that brings together two key groups   which are customers and manafctures   this report sets out to find the impact that river island has on the retailing world and inperticular anaylizises its retaling operations and tactics
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River island sets its self in the clothing industry inperticular focusing its self on the female segment but also penetrates others. When a business desides to operate in the retailing industry their are four key fundermentals which it sets out to . providing an assortment of products and services , breaking bulk, holding inventory and providing service
Within this report you will be able to understand the way it expolites its current resources and postion in the market to undertake this taks to help the business reach its goals .
They have adapted a forward intergration by which they manufacture their own lines and are responable for the retaling activities .this is like the similitude of Ralph Lauren

Section 1 The Retail Enviroment – SWOT – PESTLE
SWOT Analysis for River Island
Helpful Harmfull
Internal Strengths :
1. innovation
2. pricing
3. unique products
4. Strong financial position5. Weakness :
1. Economic Change
2. Change in season
3. Not diversified4.
External Opportunities :
1. Product expansion
2. Expansion
3. Acquisitions / joint ventures
4. Online Threats :
1. Product Substation
2. Price wars
3. External changes
4. Economic slowdown
5. Competition

Innovation – River Island, being one of the largest retailers in the high street clothing market, gives them a competitive power over other retailers such as TOPSHOP, ZARA and H&M. Being such a innovative retailer, gives River Island a chance to differentiate its self. They have used various innovative methods such as endorsing celebrities or famous designers to design a range for them. In 2012, Global pop star Rihanna agreed to design a line for River...