If we were to discuss domestic sex marriage that represents the term “homosexuality” it would be necessary to provide a rigid definition of it. Homosexuality basically refers to the act of attraction and appeal among people of the same gender. As in term, it is derived from Greek and Latin language that in which the word “homo” refers to the “same sex” and the term “sex” refers to the sexual intercourse between two people.
Homosexuality’s history goes back to ancient ages and existed ever since the dawn of humanity but the exact age of this act couldn’t be precise. Homosexuality have caused a variety of debates that are mainly biological and psychological. If we take into consideration the biological aspect and the common explanation that assumes that it probably originates from a certain kind of genetic mutation that effects their sexual orientation. On the other side, if we come to analyze its cause from a psychological perspective, its is assumed that it might be resulted from past bad experiences of childhood such as rape, insults and many others forms of maltreatments that varies according to the gender that will create obstacles in the developing process of the sexual orientation in one’s self in order to maintain his/her sexual identity.
Various assumptions have came to understand homosexuality that are met with major social conflicts that has to do with social acceptance. Is the homosexual status and their actions accepted in our society? Massive repulsion and rejection have faced homosexuality from all aspects upon various civilizations. It is considered to be an abnormal act that severely clashes with religion, traditions and manners that are completely against it mostly. One’s finds it hard to accept the fact of knowing that one of the people he knows or relatives is homosexual, and so does for a society. This maybe gets a bit more exaggerated since, they are regular individuals but only with different sexual orientations that might cause no harm on...