The issue of homosexuality became problematic in many communities. This thing also became a problem even in the religious perspective. In Africa, the issue of homosexuality came something that is new in this content. According to an Africans it is embarrassing to talk about this (homosexuality) in a public arena. But these days’ people are already started to talk about it because the people who are doing this are flowing like water in this country. Furthermore, government of South Africa gave them a freedom of practicing it. On the other side, the churches are also having different belief about this practice. There are also organizations, which are standing on behalf of the traditional beliefs. These organizations see this as strategy of destroying of the African’s culture. They argue that this is one of the aims of the Europeans of undermining the African’s culture. Therefore, there is a need of the theologically view in this matter. It is also appreciatable to know the stand of the churches about this homosexuality. Therefore, in this essay I am going to examine the stand of my church. Secondly, I will try to give my own views about this matter by using the biblical material. I will do this by dialoguing it with what my church says about the homosexuality. Then I will bring different authors who are arguing about this matter. But firstly, it will be wise if I start by examining the position of the church about this matter (homosexuality).

The position of my church on homosexuality

The Church Council that was held on 4-7 December 2006 took the position of my church on homosexuality. These are the minutes of General Assembly no. 15 held at Lutheran Church Centre (Bonaero Park).   Bishop Prof. M.P. Moila, Bishop Dr. N.P. Phaswana, Bishop M.D. Assur and Bishop Dr.M.D.Biyela presented the topic of Human Sexuality. This topic was formulated in order to make clear a stand by Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (Appendix III).