Homosexuals in Public Service

Homosexuals in public service

In today’s society the homosexual officer is still discrimated against. In this day and time you would think by now that just because a law enforcement officer is different because of their sexuality we would not have a problem with that. In my opinion it does not make a difference if the responding officer is a heterosexual or a homosexual as long as they do their job. Homosexual officers are often treated with disrespect, discrimination, or harassment by fellow officers. Strategies that police departments use are discipline fellow officers for harassing the homosexual officer, adopting antidiscrimination policies, having culture awareness programs, and forming support groups for the homosexual officers.

After reading the methods of Shipler and Thiederman I am divided on what methods I think would work best. Shipler methods are more familiar to me. My wife is in the Army. I have heard of these methods before. The command commitment is a very great way to show people that discrimination will not be tolerated. The training of advisors helps teach the military personal about race relations. The complaints and monitoring yes it does provide channels for the troops to file a claim but I also think it is not one of the best methods the Army uses. Sometimes the troop is found out and it is hell for that troop. Some of his fellow soldiers will harass him until he decides to not to go on with the claim. If the troop is liked and respected by most of his troops they will stand by him and help him out with the troops who do not like him. Thiederman methods are well thought out and are great if they are done properly. Giving everyone to speak their mind and not be interrupted is a great way to let everyone know how that person feels. Getting down the problem and keeping control of the meeting is also a great way to figure out the problem and hopefully help everyone involved. In the end hopefully everyone will try to understand what each...