Whats Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?

Haichun Gao
It’s a Sunday morning, among the crowed people on the street in Chicago, there is a couple walking on the street, and holding their hands together. They just got up from the bed and now they are going to a movie. Everything in this picture seems sweet and normal, until I tell u this----- they are both guys. Suddenly, most people probably are not so keen on it anymore.
When we talk about heterosexuality, we talk about lots of things like love, relationship, we talk about our wives and our husbands, our boyfriends and our girlfriends, people we have crash on all the time, and it’s perfectly normal. But when we talk about gays, we focus on the sex part of it. Homosexual people do exactly the same thing with us, but some of us are making an issue out of it. That is not fair.
Some people might use the quote from the holy Bible to support their ideas, says, “Homosexuality is an abomination onto God”,“ Gays will go to hell!” Of course Bible is a good moral guide, and it also calls lots of other things abominations that we don’t really pay much attention on these days. For example, the Bible claims that divorce and re-marry as adulteries, and the Bible prescribes death to adultery. The divorce rate in America is 54.8 percent, so according to the Bible, half of the Americans should be put to death. Also, slavery is morally acceptable according to the Bible, then why did we stop the slavery system if the Bible contains no error?
We often say that homosexuality causes AIDS, but it’s not the sex that causes AIDS, it’s the virus. The virus causes AIDS by heterosexual activity, by homosexuality and by some activities that are not sexual. And even if AIDS risk become the standard of morality, lesbian is the way to go.
Someone may say, “well, homosexual is unnatural, its just wrong.” But first, it is natural because they were born that way. Second, it’s not fair that straight people are allowed to be open about sexuality, but gay people shouldn’t be open...