The Social Network of Homosexual

Name: Lam Kwun Wa
Class: AGD2
Student ID: 07100045

The Social Network of Homosexual
“Homosexual” has long been a controversial issue in the Hong Kong. General Media cover or TV program usually focus on the impact of Homosexual , mainly AIDS of homosexual people . However , these kind of one side report would lead to an isolation to homosexual people .The report would turn the focus on social network of homosexual .The social network of Homosexual basically means the way they preform the social action within their group and the identification of the Homosexual in the society.   The focus of the research is to find out the social action of the Homosexual within their "own" society and the impact of the wholesome society brought to them. From the ineternet forum , chat room , web site , facebook/twitter to the bar for homosexual , homosexual club / assoication , these are the areas of the research . Furthermore , the research method used in the paper are literature searches, personal interview with homosexual people and the media coverage .

Research Question:

What kind of social network would be their most desire?
What is the difficulty in their social network?
Why did the Homosexual hard to make a friend or finding a companion in this society?
What would they do when they wants to get a companion or making friends?
Which place would they go usually when they want to make a friend or companion?
If there is a new way which can help them to make friend, will they try to use?

    From the report of the Hong Kong Centre of Health protection , number of Homosexual people infected by AIDs has been increasing . By such figure the number of news coverage and the spot light of the RTHK TV program. The society of Hong Kong has again increased the attention on homosexual which turns to the interest of my research on the social action of the homosexual .   The research went in a deep investigate on the psychological sense of the homosexual ,...