Final Project Student Survival Guide for Com 140

Using Axia Colleges Educational Resources
My plan of action in using Axia College educational Resources will be to use (CWE) resources will help me develop written communication. The center of writing excellence (|CWE) is a online lab designed to assist university’s students.
The (CWE) will allow me to submit my paper and check for Plagiarism. Plagiarism is when a student copies information from a source without proper citations and without use of quotation marks or block quotation formatting. Write point will check my paper and give feedback on (CWE) provides tutorials and guides for writing and style guidelines, grammar tutorials, sample papers, plagiarism tutorial, APA information, thesis generator, essay development, resources tutorials and guides. The tutorial guides will give me instruction and guidance to fully develop my written skills. Good writing skills are very important to my academic and professional success. I plan to continue using (CWE) until graduating from the university I am attending now. By obtaining excellent writing communication skills will give me an advantage in the professional work environment and usage by inserting comments into the text of the paper at the point of error.
Upholding Academic Honesty
My plan of action in upholding academic honesty to avoid plagiarism by not presenting work that does not belong to me that has been prepared by someone other than myself. Using proper citation while using someone else ideas, data, language or argument without their knowledge. I will rely upon only my own abilities and retain from obtaining help in a manner that is not allowed. I will only submit my assignment never that has been previously submitted in another subject. I will only use websites that I have obtaining a license or permission to use pictures, graphs or information. As a student of university of Phoenix I promise to uphold academic honesty by having respect for ideas of others by trying to receive credit for someone...