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Opinion Essay: Computers
In my opinion, it can be very bad if children are confronted with computers too early in their life because computers mean extreme action and excitement for young children. Too many colours, too many figures or even brutality can really be dangerous for young children and their personality. At very young age children always concern themselves with one object or game for very long time. Because of that it would be too exciting for them to play a game with hundreds of different objects, people, sounds and much more. The best age for children to start working or rather playing with computers should be about nine or ten years, I think. Parents should start playing with them funny and “positive” games, which don’t contain too much excitement.
If children have to learn and work with computers for school, the teachers should start presenting them computers in a positive way and also not too early. They should show them how computers can be helpful for research, but also funny games and communication. The IT training should not take too much time, because irrespective of the age of the children, computers shouldn’t take too much time of anybody.
If children are introduced to the computer at an early age, the risk of a change of their personality or social skills is very high. Computers are a kind of danger because people who spend too much time with the computer often are isolated and don’t know how to behave in society.