Almost Famous by Zoey Dean Book Review/Summary

Almost Famous
Zoey Dean
Almost famous is a book about Mackenzie Little Armstrong (Mac), Becks, Coco, and her new friend and client Emily Mungler. It’s the day before all the girls start 8th grade and they are practicing their entrance. Mac is nominated for social chair-the most important student role in the school. Unfortunately, so is Mac’s enemy, Ruby. Becks was trying of for the BAMS surfing team which would have a competition in her backyard. Coco was trying out for the BAMS-BAMS dance squad, but so was Ruby’s friend Haley. Emily wasn’t doing any school activities, so she was at the other girl’s events, cheering them on. At their sleepover, the girls decided to do an iChat with Ruby, as a prank. They pulled off the prank, but accidentally left the camera on the rest of the night. On the 1st day of 8th grade the girls had a blast- they made a phenomenal entrance, Becks got on the surfing team, and Coco was the new BAM-BAMS team captain. Sadly, Mac didn’t win social chair, and Ruby did. In the middle, Ruby released a ‘social chair’ video which was an embarrassing video of the girls goofing off at their slumber party. Everyone at campus deemed the girls losers, Becks was kicked off the surfing team, and Coco was booted from the BAM-BAMS. To make these embarrassing videos stop, Mac and her friends were forced to do gross, discussing, and humiliating jobs in public. This was ruining Emily’s acting career to the extent where she decided to almost go home, but decided to stay. In the end, the girls quit doing all of Ruby’s jobs because they realized that like the jobs, the videos weren’t going to stop. Emily even landed her first movie role! Even though all the girls were losers, they realized that their friendship was more important than their popularity, even if they do live in Hollywood.