Serenity Book Review

Serenity Book Essay
My book to read and write a report on was Serenity.   I found this book very interesting. It had many intriguing situations and exciting action sequences.   But on the other hand I found some parts difficult to read.  
The setting is based a few hundred years into our future.   As we ran out of resources on our planet, we were forced to travel out of our solar system to find a new one. We succeeded and found a new solar system that had an abundance of planets and hundreds of moons.   All the planets are controlled by the “Alliance”.   There is always an opposing force to who controls something.   Some of these outlaws were the crew of Serenity.   This was a ship that did not do what the Alliance said and fought against them when ever they had to.   One of the main characters was a psychic named River.   She was being held captive by the Alliance. They wanted to use her as a weapon.   Little did the Alliance know was that River knew a secret to their military and government.   This was also a big reason they kept her.
  River had a brother named Simon, which was her only family left.   They made a pact as kids to never leave each others side.   It took several years for Simon to infiltrate the compound that River was being held in; however he succeeded in rescuing her. Once Simon got River back to the ship they were back on their way to make a life.   Unknown to most, River was unstable.   After River had one of her many breakdowns, she snaps out of it and says “Miranda”.   Nobody knows what it means, but they soon figure out that it was an abandoned planet.   The crew decides to go there and maybe help River stop breaking down, and release the government secret to the world.   The biggest problem of traveling to that planet was that the area between them was Reaver territory.   Reavers are insane, blood hungry humans.   The trip was nearly impossible.   Malcolm had a great idea to make his ship look like the Reavers ships that were covered in blood, had spikes,...