Ap Government Book Report

AP Government Book Report
“The Great Derangement”
By Matt Taibbi

AP Government Book Report
  “No voter wants to believe he doesn’t really matter, so he     buys into that idea that there are two substantively different     parties frantically competing for his attention, the ideological     fate of the country hanging on this decision every few years.     It flatters the average citizen to think that way. The reality     is that the dominant characteristic of our political system     is the unchanging nature of the political consensus – while     the two parties agree about most all of the important things,     they disagree violently about the inconsequential stuff,     providing the fodder and the drama for an endless political     “struggle” that plays itself out in entertaining fashion     every couple of years.” Pg.129
      “They voted in huge numbers, but they were voting out of loathing,     against enemies and against the system in general, not really     for anybody. The elections had basically become a forum     for organizing the hatreds of the population” pg.20
      “The problem started when our elected leaders started playing     a different game from the one the people sent them to play.     They corrupted the process, made it sick, and in the end created     a new species of government, an organism that functions well     to serve its own ends but is nonresponsive to the public needs.     It’s a heart that beats but doesn’t pump blood.” Pg.28
      “The party’s gift for this kind of abject political non sequitur     has been a defining characteristic for about a dozen years     now, but especially in the last five. Terrorists strike New     York? We better repeal the estate tax, quick! Asian bird flu     on the way? Millions will die – if the Securities Exchange     Act of 1934 isn’t overturned!” pg.40-41
      “The Rules chairman tries not to laugh, somberly nukes every     meaningful amendment request with a pained, regretful expression,     and then...