Research on Marekting Books

A research on Reference Books and Case Studies in Marketing Management

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A research on Reference Books and Case Studies in Marketing Management


This research aims to understand the type of marketing books that are in use in B-Schools. This is done to understand the content of these books and its usability to the students. The purpose of this exercise is to understand the scope and relevance of these books to today’s marketing students and what are their most important considerations when selecting a book on marketing management. The final analysis aims to give a view as to which book across any sector is preferred by students and which are the main analysis parameters. In the end we aim to give a fair idea as to which book is best across parameters and which is most sought after by the student community.

Research Team
The research team consisted of the following PGDBA 1st year students

AroraSumitGopal, Cheruvelil Georges James, KhatanharKiran Mohan, DhargalkarSarveshDurgaram, AcharyaPriyesh Vijay, MusaleKirtiShirish, OberoiAnkushJugal, Sinha Mani Shankar Awadesh Kumar Prem, PradeepShashidharankumar

Faculty Guide

Dr.ChitraRamanan&Prof. Ranjith P V


    • Marketing Management as a subject is an integral part of the MBA curriculum worldwide. Majority of students take it up as a specialization and even for people who do not, it is a vital part of their course as Marketing is a concept which has all-round application. Marketing is the strategic arm of hard core selling and hence Sales and Marketing management always go hand in hand. Selling is the blood of Business.

    • Keeping these facts in mind, it becomes important to have some idea as to what kinds of books are available to the Students of Marketing Management. These books serve as the main source of information and ideas and act as a library of thoughts which lead to enhanced understanding of the subject and initiate a...