Book Analysis on the Dark Tower

Kevin Cooper
Peroid 3.
Mrs. Ruggerio

Book Review The Gunlinger

The decisions that every human being have to make in there lives will choose there destiny. Making decisions in a journey through life is what the main character, Roland, had to do, and his decisions he made, good or bad, have lead him to his destiny. The book I am doing my book review on is The Gunslinger by Stephen King. I really enjoyed this novel a lot and think a lot of other readers will too. I would recommend this book because of the literary elements of conflict and literary device of forshadowing that the author uses to express his purpose of destiny to the reader. This book would be enjoyed by a reader who wants there imagination to expand, and that like fictional stories about an exciting adventure.
The book The Gunslinger takes place on a fictional world that has become a wasteland. It follows a grown gunslinger named Roland. Roland is chasing after a mysterious dark cloaked sorcerer who has killed his father. While chasing him the sorcerer sets up traps that forces Roland to commit evil actions to escape and keep trek to find out the truth and the reason for killing his father. Roland meets a boy who is actually a trap that the sorcerer has set up, the trap causes Roland to become real close to the boy and take him along the journey to confront the dark cloaked sorcerer. Near the ending of the book the trap becomes a decision to let the boy die and confront the sorcerer or save the boy but lose the chance to find out the truth. Roland decides to leave the boy die and the sorcerer reveals that Roland is destined to survive the wasteland and travel to a place named the Dark Tower to find out the secrets of the universe.
Stephen King uses conflicts for Roland to fight and the setting of the story to express his purpose that the decisions that you make in your life will choose the destiny for the rest of your life. For example the boy is hanging on to his life and Roland...