Egg Drop Essay

The ideas behind my egg drop design were too slow down the acceleration of the egg.   I did this through installing a parachute onto my design to create and increase the air resistance to decrease the terminal velocity.   My design also planned to decrease the impact force with the parachute.   The smaller the impact force the greater chance my egg had on surviving.   The rubber bands attached to the cone the egg was in and to the outer cone looked to decrease the impact time of the egg.   Rather that just hitting the ground the rubber bands stretched out slowing the egg down over a longer period of time.   The tissues inside the cone were also designed to increase the impact time.  

Although great thought was put into my design it did not work.   The flaw in my design was that it did not stay straight.   When I let the cone go it immediately tilted to the side therefor deleting the air resistance the parachute created.   Falling sideways meant it fell faster and did not hit the ground at the intended point of impact.   The cone hit the ground on its side and not on the point where I had designed it to increase the impact time.   This meant there was a larger force over a smaller time and under these circumstances the egg had no chance.   What I would do to fix this is I would design a better-supported parachute and also prepare for if the cone did hit the ground at the point intended.   I would do so through better cushioning the egg from all sides not just toward the point.