Turquoise Ledge Essay

Ka Chan
EWRT 1A Sec. 25
Essay: response to THE TURQUOISE LEDGE
The Greed
Wildlife and human being have been living together since few thousand years ago. Whenever a species threaten our life, we kill them until they are nearly extinct. But be honest, which species created the most damage to the natural environment and threatening the entire ecosystem, and food chain, in the planet where we all share the same resources? The answer should not take you more than two seconds to come up with. It is mankind.
Since I am aware of what human have done to the environment, I am interested in two species. They are sharks and dolphins. The state of the sharks and dolphins can really reflect on what human and especially Chinese has done to the natural environment, and the reason behind it. And what are the effects to the modern ecosystem as the number of sharks and dolphins starts to decrease.
Sharks are a type of fish which live in the earth for more than 420 million years ago. The population of sharks has declined rapidly due to shark finning.
Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins and the discard at sea of the carcass. The sharks are mostly alive when they are being thrown back into the sea. A finless shark is incapable of swimming, and the shark will slowly sinks to the sea bed and eventually eaten alive by other fish. One pound of dried shark fin can sell for $300 or even more depends on the size and thickness. This is the reason why sharks are vanishing. In the shark finning industry, any kind of shark is taken no matter of size, age, or species. Every year, there are over eight thousand tons of shark fins are slaughter. The fins is only about four percent of a shark’s weight, it means there are approximately two hundred thousand tons of shark are thrown back into the sea without fins.
Shark finning is a worldwide and largely unmonitored practice. It is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed every year only for...