Was It Right to Drop the Atomic Bomb

Tonya Cormier

80,000 residents of Hiroshima died immediately, and 35,000 were injured. Two-thirds of the city's 90,000 buildings were destroyed. Fire raged everywhere. The reason for all of this destruction was because of the atomic bomb. Even though all those terrible things happened to Hiroshima the atomic bomb ended World War II.
I think that it was a good idea to drop the atomic bomb because it ended the war. Even though it killed many people it ended a long war. The war was about 5 years long and would have kept going on unless someone didn't stop it. Other Allied military leaders helped to force Japan to surrender by putting a blockade in place or by bombing Japan heavily. The bombs had already caused severe damage to Japanese cities. One of LeMay's raids, on Tokyo, killed nearly 84,000 Japaneses and destroyed nearly 270,000 buildings.
Truman and the Allies did give the Japanese one last chance to avoid the bomb. They did not surrender which made the plan of the bomb move forward. Japan didn't try to end the war so three days later the U.S dropped the second bomb. This didn't even end the war. Japanese emperor favored to surrender, but the military leaders resisted. They failed and the war was over.
The Japanese could have ended the war before the U.S dropped the atomic bomb but decided not to. So I think that it is Japan's fault that all those people were killed and their city's destroyed.