This Essay Shows That Act Two Scene Five of Twelfth Night Is Exciting and Entertaining Through Many Factors. They Are the Comedy, Love, Moods, Atmosphere and Where It Is Positioned in the Play.

This essay shows that act two scene five of Twelfth Night is exciting and entertaining through many factors. They are the comedy, love, moods, atmosphere and where it is positioned in the play.

Act two scene five is positioned in an important part of the play. The comedic love triangle is starting to be built but the scenes position in the play confirms and makes it exciting and entertaining. The scene also encourages the reader to read on to find out what happens with the love triangle and how more entertaining it will get.

At the start of the scene Maria drops a fake love letter written by her but Malvolio thinks it is from Olivia. The letter is part of a plan to trick Malvolio. Malvolio sees it and picks it up. This is comedic because the audience knows he has been tricked but Malvolio does not. This is dramatic irony. The point of the scene from the character s point of view is to trick Malvolio into love. At the end of the scene Malvolio leaves and Maria enters. Sir Andrew, Sir Toby and Fabian laugh about how they have took revenge on Malvolio. The end of the scene concludes what has happened in the scene altogether. Shakespeare’s audiences would have found the scene very funny because of the dramatic irony coming from a lot of the comedy. An example of this is when Sir Toby is hiding behind a bush from Malvolio, the audience know this but Malvolio does not. Howether comedy has changed since the 17th century, there is now mostly slapstick but irony and dramatic irony still plays a big part in comedy today. It is hard to find any quotes about the comedy because the comedy is what the characters do and not what they say. The comedy is a big part in making the scene entertaining and exciting.

The scene is set in Olivia’s garden, it has many rows of hedges, this helps the scene staging because Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian can hide behind them to listen to Malvolio and make the scene more exciting and entertaining. The statue in the garden also helps...